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安提瓜政府和中國官員在路燈移交儀式 (圖右一為斯派克光電總裁:吳峰)

The government has received 2,000 solar LED street lamps,a$9 million gift from the People’s Republic of China.Ambassador Ren Gongping did the official handing over at the Office of the Prime Minister yesterday,as Prime Minister Gaston Browne said the country continues to work on reducing its carbon footprint.“Later in the year we hope to introduce an additional US $15 million in alternate energy application both wind and solar and this will be funded by ARENA(International Renewable Energy Agency)initiative.I know the minister of health and the environment has signed off on that and that the funds should become available later down in the year.“Antigua&Barbuda is making a significant push,”Browne said.He noted that the 33-year relationship with China continues to produce rewards for the nation as the people and government of China continue to be a partner to developing countries.Browne said that the latest donation will be powered exclusively by sunlight,which is a very important intervention in the fossil fuel reliance.Six lights have already been installed along the Lauchland Benjamin Drive,and will later be installed around major roadways.To date,China has presented Antigua with 1,867 metal street lights and Gongping said the older lights will be upgraded in keeping with energy efficiency.“China is vigorously making ecological endeavours to promote green grown,China leads the world in energy conservation and the utilization of new and renewable energy.Climate change is a global hot topic,it influences everyone,it will deeply change the world and bring the expected risks and Antigua&Barbuda is among the most threatened countries,”Gongping said.The lights are accompanied by individual batteries that are charged by the sun during the day.Gabinet members were present for the handing over ceremony,including utilities minister Sir Robin Yearwood.

我國政府接收到來自中國捐贈的2000臺太陽能LED路燈,價值900萬加勒比元。昨天任共平大使在總理辦公室進行正式交接儀式,總理加斯頓·布朗在儀式上表示本國將繼續致力于減少碳排放。他說“今年晚些時候我們希望引進1500萬加勒比元應用在風能和太陽能的可取代能源,該資金將由ARENA贊助(國際可再生能源機構),健康和環境部長已簽署該份文件,該基金在下半年可以到位?!啊鞍蔡峁虾桶筒歼_正大力推進,”布朗表示和中國33年的外交關系將會繼續為本國帶來回報,中國繼續成為發展中國家的合作伙伴。布朗說最近的捐贈將完全靠太陽能驅動,這將會減少對化石燃料的依賴。沿著本杰明路的6臺路燈已完成試安裝,后續更多路燈將安裝在主干道路。之前中國已援助安提瓜和巴布達1867臺金鹵路燈,共平談到舊路燈將會被更新換代以保持能源效率。共平說“中國在推行綠色發展上正進行著不懈的努力,在全球率先進行能源節約和新能源的使用。氣候變化已成為一個全球熱門話題,它影響著每一個人,將深刻改變世界并帶來預期的風險,安巴就是最受氣候變化威脅的國家之一”。所捐贈的路燈系統配有單獨的電池依靠太陽能來充電。內閣成員出席了交接儀式,包括公用事業部長羅賓 耶伍德先生。